Venrick & Poe's Halloween Hit Parade #3 - Legends of Ohio Pt. 1, All Hail the Frogman!

In this episode of our Halloween mini-series, Adam and Josh talk about various urban legends of Ohio, including The Gore Orphanage (the most haunted orphanage to never exist), the Cry-Baby Bridge, the Delaware Pirate and his haunted painting, Walhalla Road (Clintonville's most haunted street) and the famous Loveland Frogman of Cincinnati.
Adam and Josh debate whether or not ghosts or Bigfoot might be real. They discuss what urban legends they'd like to adapt to stage or screen (and the musical sensation Hot Damn! It's the Loveland Frog!). 
All this and more below:Listen here!
Also, for Adam and Josh's sources, check
the following sites: 
For the pirate: the bridge: the frogman (article): Walhalla Road:  http…

Venrick & Poe's Halloween Hit Parade #2 - The Unparalleled Adventures of Ichabod Crane & Prof. Cushion

In this episode on V&P's HHP, Adam sits down with Denison student Genevieve Pfister to talk about The Ohio Historical Connection's yearly event All Hallow's Eve. Hear about Genevieve's connection to the event, its roots in folk tale and how it provides a safe place for children to ask questions about scary things.
Also, how the event has adapted to COVID-19. Listen below:Listen Here!


EPISODE 1 - CABINET OF ODDITIESOn the first episode of The Doobie's Halloween Miniseries, Alumni & Community Outreach Director Adam Venrick and Station Manager Josh Poe set up an interview with Denison Librarian and scary things expert Kent Huffman. They tour Kent's "Cabinet of Oddities," browse through several Ohioan urban legends, talk about shock rock, goth rock and Tom Waits and the horror of medicine as theatre.
For more discussion of all things scary, tune in to Venrick & Poe's Halloween Hit Parade on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 5PM, through October. Podcast Here

Photos of Kent's collection are shown below.

Phrenology Bust
Life Mask of Vincent Price
Oni Mask
Kent's Pacific Island Siding

Various items including a palmistry hand.
Diaphonized Frog
Octopus Arm
Fossilized Brain Coral
Shark Jaws
Stag Beetle
Skeletal Version of Rodin's The Thinker
Death's Head Moth
Various Beetle Specimens 

Six Fingered Hand
Room Key from The Shining

Learn, Love, Listen: A Juneteenth Podcast

Recorded on June 19, 2020, Denison students J.J. Mills, and Jaleel Pool discuss Juneteenth, The Black Lives Matter movement, and much more.

4th and Pod Week 1: Not a Hot Start for Big Poddy

This is a new show that is weekly and each week we take a look at the fantasy football league that I and nick are a part of break down the matchups from last week and look ahead. As well as an appearance from Mr. Fantasy

My 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class

As a card-carrying member of the Rock and Roll hall of fame, I always keep an eye on who is on the ballot for the next year. So here are 7 members I will be voting for, and 7 members you should be voting for too. 
1. Talk Talk - Pioneers into the modern-day electronic indie rock that holds bands like Tame Impala. They mixed dance beats and psychedelic vibes better than any band in the 80s I would look at songs "Such a Shame" and "Living in Another World". 
2. Tears For Fears - They were huge in the 80s, two of their songs are 80s staples. They were big in bringing new wave music to the mainstream. If you think they are just those two songs I suggest you check out "Head Over Heels" 
3. Phil Collins - This MAN is a legend. Look at him when he led Genesis, those were the best years of that band. His solo career? I mean have you heard the Tarzan soundtrack? It is amazing and he made one of the top songs of all time in "In the Air Tonight" that alone lets …