Venrick & Poe's Halloween Hit Parade #3 - Legends of Ohio Pt. 1, All Hail the Frogman!


In this episode of our Halloween mini-series, Adam and Josh talk about various urban legends of Ohio, including The Gore Orphanage (the most haunted orphanage to never exist), the Cry-Baby Bridge, the Delaware Pirate and his haunted painting, Walhalla Road (Clintonville's most haunted street) and the famous Loveland Frogman of Cincinnati.

Adam and Josh debate whether or not ghosts or Bigfoot might be real. They discuss what urban legends they'd like to adapt to stage or screen (and the musical sensation Hot Damn! It's the Loveland Frog!). 

All this and more below:

Listen here!

Also, for Adam and Josh's sources, check
the following sites: 

For the pirate:

For the bridge:

For the frogman (article):

For Walhalla Road:

And for the Gore Orphanage:

Loveland Frog picture:


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