Bands that should be looked at again based on one song: A Flock of Seagulls


    I know what you are thinking that they are just another new wave group, like any other of the 80s they just have synth-heavy music. But I wanna talk about one song in particular that I think should solidify them as more than just a hacky throwaway group that has one really good song. And the song I wanna talk about is "Space Age Love Song" which is off their debut self-titled album. Now, what is so good about this song that sets it apart from other love songs? The use of synths and sound effects to give the listener this thought of pure joy. Listening to it gives the sense of when your crush talks to you that feeling of joy and fear. The beat to the song is like most new wave bands, a beat that makes you wanna dance but the lyrics are sung so softly it is a perfect song to watch a sunset too. Also, the guitar playing is so good they are able to convey that feeling of just wanting to take someone's hand and dance. This is a good song for most occasions such as a party, you are cruising with friends, or you're out on a date watching stars this is a good song for all those occasions. The lyrics are also cute saying" I saw your eyes and you made me smile". So I would say throw this song on and see how you feel about this band after, better yet listen to that entire album it has some really good ones, such as "You Can Run". Side note I saw them live last year and they were really good they kept it high energy and their songs all sound really good live. 

By Josh Poe


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