My 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class

As a card-carrying member of the Rock and Roll hall of fame, I always keep an eye on who is on the ballot for the next year. So here are 7 members I will be voting for, and 7 members you should be voting for too. 

1. Talk Talk
- Pioneers into the modern-day electronic indie rock that holds bands like Tame Impala. They mixed dance beats and psychedelic vibes better than any band in the 80s I would look at songs "Such a Shame" and "Living in Another World". 

2. Tears For Fears
- They were huge in the 80s, two of their songs are 80s staples. They were big in bringing new wave music to the mainstream. If you think they are just those two songs I suggest you check out "Head Over Heels" 

3. Phil Collins
- This MAN is a legend. Look at him when he led Genesis, those were the best years of that band. His solo career? I mean have you heard the Tarzan soundtrack? It is amazing and he made one of the top songs of all time in "In the Air Tonight" that alone lets him get a spot

4. Rage Against the Machine
- This band has the best guitar player of all time. They mixed rap and rock something we haven't seen done this well ever since then. "Bulls On Parade" is a masterpiece and it is a shame that Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead got in before they did.

5. Billy Idol
- Punk and New Wave music are not the same without this man. The album Rebel Yell is straight heat from start to finish. He fused new wave and punk into a sound that a lot of acts in the 80s attempted to match, looking at you Depeche Mode.

6. Eric B. & Rakim
- These guys brought rap to the mainstage in the 80s. You have for sure heard their music before listen to the song "I ain't No Joke" and try to tell me that they aren't amazing at rap music. They deserve much more credit then they get and I hope you will go and listen to them more.

7. Kate Bush
- Where do I begin? She is an Icon nobody talks about, was huge in the new wave community. She deserves much more love then she gets, listen to "Running Up the Hill" a song about switching places with someone your dating so they know how you feel. 

Honorable Mention: L.L. Cool J
- Just put him in already

There is my list I hope they get in or that you agree. 


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